by Deep



"...Go Deep, baby, and get lost." - Broken Beard

"Deep, as their moniker suggests, are a mysterious collective whose abrasive sound can be heard far below the surface; it crushes metal and harsh noise into an explosive formula that will leave you fleeing for higher ground" - Chybucca sounds

"I do love what I'm hearing from DEEP right now..." - Heavy Planet

"Deep do a fantastic job of taking unique instrumentation (and even plain old sounds) that, as each track goes on, becomes a noticeable rhythm that creates one hell of a trippy experience for the listener" - Ride With The Devil

"You can load that bong now" - Stoner Hive

"Deep is one of the most original sounding and imaginative bands I’ve heard in a long while." - Temple Of Perdition

"Damn amazing hidden little gem" - Droning Earth

"Relentlessly creative, this album is packed with non-stop surprises and an overall sense of freshness that’s simply contagious." - Amplifier Worship

"This album is a work of genius. It has the crazy classic effect as legendary Stoner Classic - Dopesmoker - with a superb inventive streak running through out it's veins." - SludgeLord

"If you’re looking for something with a familiar tone, yet with a variety of textures and tastes, then this may well end up being your surprise album of the year." - The Sleeping Shaman

"With a kind of wild and anarchic creativity Deep made an album that takes you on a magic trip with unexpected turns and surprises." - FreeYourSoul


released May 29, 2013



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Deep Gorizia, Italy

Dreamy, lysergic stoner/doom/metal band from Italy.

a DEEP member has also founded the band Lizard Queen

Currently working at the 2nd album.

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